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Numerous escorts are available for hiring in Kolkata for a variety of events. The city is home to Sonagachi, one of India’s largest red-light districts. Several classes are inside these brothels, such as the middle class and the poor.

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Sonagachi is the biggest red-light district in Kolkata. In the past, this region was home to lower-class prostitutes who requested that their clients sleep on jute or wooden cots. However, the Supreme Court has mandated that law enforcement treat prostitutes with respect. There are currently thousands of sex workers and hundreds of brothels in the neighbourhood.

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Sonagachi, a sprawling area of multistory brothels and street prostitutes, is Kolkata’s largest red-light district. The region was named after a Sufi saint, and today, it employs about 10,000 sex workers. Because prostitution is prohibited in India, the ladies must conceal their operations.

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